Pinterest 100 - 2017 Menswear Trends & Tips

Pinterest 100 - 2017 Menswear Trends & Tips

Each year, Pinterest publishes its Pinterest 100 report -- a review of "the top trends in key categories that show considerable year over year increase in interest (25% and higher) and critical mass (more than 500k saves on a topic)." 

This year, Pinterest asked various influencers to participate with original pins and pointers on trending topics.

The latest Pinterest 100 report highlights 100 trends spanning style and home, travel, food and drink, wellness, hobbies, hair and beauty, kids and special events.

Much to my surprise and delight, I was asked to participate and give my point of view on menswear trends. Below is my interview, which gives pointers on the more casual "business casual" attire, layering, and the one piece you should invest in for 2017. Enjoy!

What to wear, and how to wear it

East coast stylist and popular menswear blogger Eddie Rossetti shares how to upgrade any look, one piece at a time.

PINTEREST -- How can I make "business casual" a little less business?
EDDIE -- Add a pop of color, or swap in a bold print, to give your outfit some edge. And when you wear a suit, trade the typical dress shoes for a pair of Converse.

P -- The one piece I should add to my wardrobe is ...
E -- A navy blazer. You can wear it at the office and out on the town. Fit is key so make sure you have it properly tailored. You don't want to look like you borrowed your dad's jacket.

P -- You are a layering pro. What's the trick?
E -- No one wants to look like Randy stuffed in his snowsuit from A Christmas Story ("I can't put my arms down!"). You want it to look effortless, and make sense. My go-to layering pieces are a chunky knit shawl cardigan, buffalo plaid button-down shirt and short-sleeve henley t-shirt. They're the most comfortable pieces to layer.

Invest in dark selvage denim jeans. You can wear them with a navy blazer, shirt and tie at the office. When happy hour rolls around, just lose the tie.

P -- What's a wardrobe staple worth investing in?
E -- A great pair of brown wingtip shoes. They're classic, timeless and sharp. All things you should consider when investing in a quality wardrobe piece. 

P -- I was thinking about buying a leather jacket, but I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard.
E -- The jacket should be an extension of your personality. It should fit and feel a little snug. Just like a good pair of jeans, it'll mold to your body over time and create one-of-a-kind creases.

P -- What should I buy this year that I can wear everywhere?
E -- A black turtleneck. Wear it with a suit at formal events, a fitted denim jacket and jeans at happy hour or layered with a plaid button-down and khakis on the weekend.

Menswear Tips

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